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Women Empowerment

  • Continue to extend micro-finance using the Self-help-group model.

  • Promote & develop entrepreneurship, vocational skills and capacity for trade and business.

  • Build leadership skills

  • Encourage pride in being a woman


Skills And Trade Capacity Development

  • Develop skills that can lead to sustainable employment for women

  • Focus on Carpentry and train women to make and market unique handmade products with sustainable, locally sourced wood

  • Develop tailoring skills by setting up a tailoring centre which develops
    quality products


Sustainable Farming

  • Create and develop a model farm to demonstrate the advantages of organic

  • Help improve farming practices in the Kodaikanal Hills.

  • Establish an agricultural producers community to grow and market produce in
    a sustainable and profitable way.


Ethical Development

  • Create a Gandhi Centre where education and research on Ethics and
    Gandhian values is carried out.

  • Enable a learning platform to train and develop strong values.

  • Develop community leaders for tomorrow

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