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Empower & Educate

Our Mission is to help the disadvantaged in Dindigul District
improve living standards by making available micro-finance
and creating opportunities for small businesses, skills and trade.
Through training, promotion and example, we will also strive to
create better values and ethics
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Self help groups formed and supported, with 6000 members



Villages supported in improving farming methods in Kodaikanal Hills



Home toilets have been built by our groups under Government Schemes

What We Do(in projects)


Empowering Women

Encourage pride in being woman, and continue to extend support through microfinance self help group model. 


Skills And Trade Capacity Development

Develop skills which can leads to sustainable employment for women.


Sustainable Farming

Help improve farming practices in the Kodaikanal Hills.


Ethical Development

Enable a learning platform to train and develop strong values. Develop community leaders for tomorrow

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About Us

Our organization, India NirmanSangh, has been working in the hills around Kodaikanal and Palani in Tamilnadu, India since 2004. 
In these fifteen years, we have been working and primarily for women’s development in the backward hill villages and the towns of Kodaikanal and Palani.
Currently, we are business correspondents of NABFINS, a financial organization set up by the Central Government, specifically to finance microloans. On our, recommendation they provide microloans to our SHGs.Over time, the groups also begin to take up local issues such as sanitation, drinking water supply, the problems in the local ration shop etc. and they are often able to bring about positive changes.
Some of the groups have also started tiny businesses – running grocery shops, ration shops, tea shops, distilling and bottling eucalyptus oil, processing and packaging Kodaikanal coffee, manufacturing inexpensive sanitary napkins etc. India Nirman Sangh incubates these businesses and helps them run profitably and professionally. A new project we started in 2014 is to set up a model organic farm near Kodaikanal. Farmers in India tend to be averse to formal training methods but are receptive to learning from success stories they see in their vicinity. The farm is located about 26 km from Kodaikanal in a beautiful forested area and we have begun to successfully raise crops without the use of any chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Contact Us


India Nirman Sangh

‘The Refuge’, WYADRA Compound,

Observatory Road, Kodaikanal 624103

Tamilnadu, India


+91 94430 41929

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